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Nexx offers a wide range of home nursing services in Dubai like iv therapy, nurse visit at home, physiotherapy, blood test at home, oxygen therapy and prescription refill, revolutionising the healthcare and cosmetic industry and making quality health maintenance easily accessible.


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Our Origin:

Nexx, the ultimate home IV therapy provider in Dubai, started its journey to revolutionise healthcare and cosmetic services in Vancouver, Canada. Providing top-grade, convenient and personalised medical treatments, we’ve ensured maintaining the rigorous quality that has earned us the trust of a huge clientele. Utilising the highest quality formulas from Canada, we maintain safety standards and have garnered immense success for the same.

Expanding Horizons:

After a successful venture in Vancouver, we decided to bring our revolutionary effort to Dubai in 2022. Bringing our IV therapy to Dubai was a strategic and planned move to cater to a more diverse audience. The magic of quality home healthcare in Dubai is made easily accessible to these global audiences through our doctor consultation at home services in Dubai.

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IV Therapy Personalized For You

At Nexx, the best nad IV therapy provider, we understand and value the health needs of every individual and focus on its uniqueness. Hence, we offer customised IV therapy plans to ensure your treatment aligns with your bodily requirements.

Select Your Drip

Consider the reason behind your IV drip. Do you need to boost your immune system, improve your energy levels or focus on recovering from a sickness or injury?

Schedule Your Appointment

Schedule your appointment with the best home healthcare services and ensure to experience a personalised plan for starting your IV vitamin therapy drip journey.

Quick Medical Consult

After scheduling your appointment, you will get a swift medical consultation with top-notch healthcare professionals, suggesting the IV drip your body needs.

Get Your Drip

Receive your IV drip after consultation with the home healthcare in Dubai professionals and discuss your concerns. Enjoy the wonderful benefits and smooth health improvements.

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