Recovery Session For Athletes

Recovery Session For Athletes

999,00 AED

Special therapeutic techniques help athletes regain optimal physiological and psychological strength and abilities and recover from pain, injuries, strains and spasms.

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female physiotherapist and senior woman with artificial leg stretching

Joint Mobilisation

Professionally guided manual therapy techniques for improving joint flexibility and temporarily alleviating muscle spasms and tension that help increase motion range.

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Close up of a female neck during the therapy

Neck And Back Pain

Combined core-strengthening exercises and therapeutic techniques help reduce rigidity and stiffness, alleviate muscle tension, and improve flexibility around the neck and back areas.

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Man having hand massage in spa wellness center

Soft Tissue Mobilisation

It helps relax rigid and tensed muscles and treats tissue pain and inflammation with manual physiotherapy, pressure therapy and stretching techniques.

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Concentrated disabled person lifting dumbbell supported by physiotherapist


It is a specialised pain management technique that utilises electrical stimuli to enhance healing and obliterate physical discomfort.

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Closeup shot of a doctor connecting an acupuncture needle with the cable

Dry Needling

This technique stimulates sensory nerves of the muscles and skin using dry needle therapy and aids in therapeutic pain management.

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