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Guard and strengthen your immune system with Immunity Boost IV Therapy from Nexx, which includes a combination of immune-enhancing vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes to help fight infections and diseases such as cold and flu.

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Jet Lag IV

The drips help you to get relief from the symptoms of Jet Lag, which might even have serious aftereffects.

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NAD IV Therapy

The formulation helps in combating the wide symptoms of ageing, improving mental clarity and boosting overall energy.

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It is specially formulated to help you unlock your sexual desire. It helps you regain your sexual confidence.

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Super Woman IV

It aids in fulfilling the gaps in your overall well-being. It provides energy, detoxifies the body and offers mental clarity.

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food intake

Fat Burner IV

It is the ultimate weight loss and fat-burning enhancement to your diet, removing toxins and fat cells in your body.

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Express Hydration IV