OligoScan Dubai: Instant Mineral & Heavy Metal Analysis at Home

Take control of your health with the OligoScan test. It is a revolutionary, non-invasive technology that provides instant insights into your mineral levels and heavy metal toxicity. Conducted by Dubai Health Authority certified healthcare professionals, this service is now conveniently available at your doorstep with Nexx.

Services Include

Treatment Planning

Treatment Planning

Create tailored detoxification or supplementation plans based on your Oligoscan results.
Follow-Up Consultation

Follow-Up Consultation

Benefit from an expert consultation from top-notch experts to interpret your Oligoscan results and recommend the next steps.
Custom Reports making

Custom Reports

Oligoscan in Dubai helps in receiving comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports with actionable insights into your health.
Heavy Metal Testing

Heavy Metal Testing

Quickly and accurately identify harmful heavy metal accumulations such as lead, mercury, and arsenic in your system.
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Mineral Analysis

Evaluate your body's levels of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and zinc to better understand your nutritional needs through an oligoscan test.


3 hours (min 1 hour)

3 hours Package

8 hours Package

24 hours

7 Days

For longer periods, please contact us for rates.

Price Match: If you find a lower price for an identical home nurse service offered by another licensed provider in the UAE, we promise to match that price.

How Oligoscan Works at Nexx?

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Choose a convenient time for the best Oligoscan in Dubai through our website or call or WhatsApp us.

At-Home Service

Our DHA-certified healthcare professional will visit your home with the Oligoscan device.

Quick Scan

The non-invasive test only takes a few minutes, and you'll receive your results instantly.

Expert Consultation:

Discuss your results and potential health strategies immediately after the scan with your expert healthcare professionals.

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Benefits Of Our Oligoscan

Custom Reports making

 Immediate Results:

OligoScan Dubai provides instant analysis, so there's no waiting for lab reports.


The procedure is completely pain-free and requires no blood samples or biopsies.

Certified Professionals:

All tests are administered by trained Dubai Health Authority-certified healthcare providers to ensure accuracy and safety.

Empower yourself with the information you need for optimal health:

Book your at-home OligoScan appointment today.

Methodology of Oligoscan


For Oligoscan test, the high-frequency light spectrophotometry is used. It is a quantitative analytical method that measures the optical density of any chemical substance.

Technicians Photograph Your Palm:

Our highly-trained technicians take photographs of your palms from certain points using high-frequency light.

Measures the Absorbance in the Body:

The test works on the basic principle of electromagnetic radiation and helps in measuring the optical density of a chemical substance in the body.

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Why Choose Us For Oligoscan In Dubai?

Highly-Trained Technicians

At Nexx, we have a team of highly-trained technicians conducting the best Oligoscan in Dubaito to identify the deficiencies, imbalances and toxicities in the body.

Latest Testing Equipment & Methodology

With our up-to-date knowledge and information, we use the latest oligoscan testing equipment and methodologies to identify the root cause of your health disturbances.

Prescribe Treatments as Per Requirement

Our experts analyse the cause of your health issues and make it the baseline to determine your future course of medication and treatments accordingly.

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